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New Book | Awake

Welcome to the order page for my art book "awake".

The book is a beautiful 8"x8" hardcover containing over 50 pieces the awake series along with the posts, poetry and inspirational thoughts that accompany them. Scroll for the book trailer and sample pages.

Power in Shared Light

This series of art contained in this book "awake" is about discovering more of the best that is within us and the world around us through God's light.

When the world starts to feel dark or threatening, it is more important than ever to reach for the light, to stretch ourselves, our capacities and our dreams of what is possible. While it can be tempting, at such times, to pull the covers over our heads and say, "Wake me up when it's all over!", it is in these very times of upheaval and change that we are all given the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

A Community of Creation

As an artist, I love the emotions and inspirations that arrive with each piece as it comes to life. My favorite part though, is hearing the responses of those who were moved in some way by these creations. Art is amazing that way. I have my own ideas of what I hope to express. Yet for each person who sees it, there are insights and expressions that shine through unique to that individual's life and experience.

This book is, in many ways, a tribute to this community, people who have begun to discover their own inner-creators and the power each of us have to share and shine light in the lives of those around us.

My hope is that having these pieces, poems and stories in tangible form will serve as a springboard to continue pursuing those dreams and the creative power for good inherent in each of us as children of the great Creator.

Carpe Diem!
sub specie Aeternitatis


There are tales that just draw us in
on fable's storied wings
beckoning to world's beyond
to seek the truth of things

There's paths which followed
lead to light
though long the waited time
the spring found at the tunnel's end
the dance, is worth the climb

There's other tales of treasures found
the explorer's inmost spark
the song of freedom ringing clear
the call, the choice, embark

But greatest of all stories told
'tis that we write each day
the mountains moved with heaven's help
to lift and longing pray

The stretching of the soul to sky
the faith to leap...begin
to spin with storms and trust in grace
there's royal light within

Still stirringest of odes unsung
are those you yet shall make
for in the throes of life's great dreams
we come most full awake